We run a full sponsorship programme, to help support performance players and to promote the brand through brand 'ambassadors'.


Any member of the hockey 'family' wishing to contact us to apply for sponsorship can do so by visiting . Below you can find details of some of 'our' team ..


We look forward to hearing from you.


Jimmy Smith & Simon Mason

Partners, Mercian Sports Company

Mercian is delighted to announce signing England and GB star Lily Owsley as a sponsored player and ambassador. The 19 year old forward made her debut in June 2013 and was the youngest squad member for the England team that played in The World Cup in The Hague in The Netherlands in June.


Lily has deferred studies at Birmingham University for 12 months to concentrate on her hockey but has been playing for them in the Investec Premier League, having started her adult hockey career at Firebrands in Bristol.


We are delighted to be supporting Lily, she can currently be seen using a Proline 002 and tweeting about her hockey experiences at @LilyOwsley


More information can be found on the EHB website. 

 Mercian is delighted to support Niall Stott as a club and international athlete. He currently uses 004 and 005 sticks and can be followed on Twitter @niallstott16

Niall joined East Grinstead Hockey Club in September 2009 having signed from UHC Hamburg. Prior to his time in Germany 'Stotty' spent 3 years at Kelbourne HC. Niall brings that unique blend of a player that is as proficient in the indoor game as he is in the outdoor, a quality that made his signature to East Grinstead very important.

Niall started with ice hockey and represented Scotland before switching codes, a decision that has seen him amass over 200 international caps as well as a large collection of National titles.

Mercian is also delighted to support Kirsty Mackay, one of the current England goalkeepers. She uses a combination of Xtreme and Pro range equipment and can be followed on Twitter @Kirsty_Mackay_2 

Kirsty actually started with sport with football, playing at the Blackburn Centre of Excellence, and her P.E. teacher thought she'd be good in goal. One thing led to another and before she knew it Kirsty was goalkeeping for the England U16 squad at the age of 13, the youngest goalkeeper ever. This was even before she'd joined a hockey club, and after all these years she's now captained England more times than she has caps.

Outside of playing for England, Kirsty's got a degree in Sport and Excercise Science - currently studying for a masters in Sports and Exercise Physiology - and as a sporting champion she goes round schools and events to inspire people to engage in sport. As if that wasn't enough sport, Kirsty's also just set up her own coaching business - Mac 2 Sport.